FAQ Vegan Protein

The hemp, pea and carob protein raw materials are of European origin (Belgium, France, Spain). The rice protein originates in China, the market leader in rice production.

For a long time, we have been searching for the best raw materials for you. Our hemp protein has organic quality. The pea, rice and carob components originate in conventional agriculture.

Silicon dioxide is an additive that improves powder flow. It makes the protein powder flow freely. Thus, it can be packaged more easily. Also after opening the package at home, the protein powder will not lump together and can easily be used in shakes even after some weeks.

Products with a "GM free" label must meet certain requirements in order to be awarded this distinction:

  • prohibited use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or parts thereof
  • prohibited use of vitamins, flavourings, enzymes and other food additives that were produced with the help of genetically modified microorganisms
  • for food made from animals: animal feed free of genetically modified plants

We have attached particular importance to this.

Plant-based protein components have a tangy or even a slightly bitter taste. To offer you a great taste experience nonetheless, we have sweetened the unflavoured variety with a touch of stevia and added a little bit of vanilla bean.

It was our objective to create a soy-free blend of a plant-based multi-component protein. In this blend, each individual component shows special characteristics regarding its amino acid profile, consistency and taste. We have selected the proportions of the pea, rice, carob and hemp components in such a way as to produce a high-quality, tasty, vegan and hypoallergenic protein powder. The pea protein forms the main part, because of its creamy consistency. The combination we have chosen offers a good balance of all proteinogenic amino acids.

Yes, it is. The hemp protein is produced from the seeds of the hemp plant and, in contrast to the products obtained from the resin in the hemp blossoms, contains only an extremely small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol. Therefore, it has no psychoactive effect.

It is not a secret that Vegan Protein is produced in a plant where also animal-based raw materials are processed. However, before Vegan Protein is produced, everything is thoroughly cleaned. Everything is swept, blown out and wiped clean. Thus, accidental cross contamination can be avoided.

VegiFEEL Vegan Protein combines four components of high-quality, plant-based protein with natural flavourings and stevia's sweetness. At the same time, it offers you an unbelievable protein content of up to 75 %. Other flavours, especially fruity ones, are hard to produce to this standard. Here, either protein content or naturalness falls by the wayside. While staying true to our vision, we are already working on a solution. Especially our unflavoured variety leaves plenty of room for creativity. Just puree some fruits to your taste and mix them into your shake.

Many vegetarians and vegans are tired of being served up soy as a protein substitute all the time. In the long run, this does not contribute to a balanced nutrition, it is boring and can also lead to intolerances. That is why we have deliberately developed a plant-based protein powder without soy.

The best before date is the date up to which we guarantee the product to be perfect in any respect. This date refers to an unopened product package and does not implement that the product is unfit for consumption after this point. Provided the packaging is not damaged, the product can still be used after this date. The only effect you might experience is a slight change in the product's taste. Therefore, it is better to buy more thoughtfully and to enjoy the product consciously. Above all: Try not to waste high-quality food just because of a date.

For one shake, fill 300 ml of water into your shaker. You can also use a milk substitute, the shake is especially delicious with hemp milk. Then, add 30 g of protein powder (= 2 heaped tablespoons). Close the shaker tightly and shake well. After your workout, as a snack or in a smoothie - Vegan Protein is always a pleasure.