Who we are

We are people like you and me - just a little bit more on the crazy side...

A colourful mix of doers and thinkers - of vegans, vegetarians and "normal" people - of nutritionists, marketing wizards, business administration experts and sportspeople.

These creative minds have developed an outstanding concept - VegiFEEL.

The basis of our concept is the idea to offer a great alternative to animal products not only to vegans and people suffering from food intolerances, but also to those who just want to try out something different. 

Wanting to expand our knowledge on veganism and vegan sports nutrition a bit, we needed some help. In collaboration with VEBU Deutschland e.V., we develop products that meet our high standards and requirements. You can read more on this topic under "Quality".

In our little test kitchen we try out many things and strive to develop more and more products for you. However, we also look forward to your ideas and suggestions. Tell us all about your exciting suggestions or wishes on Facebook or using our contact form.

How our idea took shape

The supps market is flooded with whey protein, egg protein complexes, milk and the like. In most of the products, you will find lactose or gelatine. In addition to that, the list of ingredients often contains soy and gluten, which are allergens.

We want to change exactly this. There surely must be products which are free of animal ingredients and as far as possible without allergens for active and health-conscious people. VegiFEEL products meet all of these criteria and, therefore, offer the perfect solution for sophisticated consumers.