Vegetarierbund Deutschland (VEBU e.V.)

VEBU is the biggest association representing the interests of vegans and vegetarians in Germany and was founded in 1892. Our wide range of offers, initiatives and events supports those taking their first steps towards a healthy and pleasurable diet. For consumers, experts and organisations, VEBU has become the foremost contact in all matters of the vegan-vegetarian lifestyle. You can send your questions or suggestions concerning all topics around VEBU to us at info(at)


Co-operating with VegiFEEL

Also in the world of sports, plant-based nutrition and lifestyles are gaining more and more importance. More and more sporting enthusiasts are switching to vegan dietary supplements. Following a joint survey within the VEBU community in 2015, VegiFEEL (with the support of VEBU) launched a vegan protein powder offered in two flavours. The survey showed that those who are interested in sports place great value on high-quality plant-based proteins. Likewise, the demand for a soy-free protein powder exceeds the average.


The V-Label for VegiFEEL V-Label

The VegiFEEL products has been tested by VEBU and certified to the V-Label standards for vegan products.

The V-Label is an internationally protected quality seal identifying vegan and vegetarian foodstuffs. It provides consumer guidance on food packaging and menus. Thus, vegetarians and vegans, but also those suffering from allergies and consumers with religious requirements on foodstuffs can recognize at first glance if the product they want to buy is suitable for their needs.


The VEBU Mission

"Die Zukunft isst pflanzlich." - Future food is plant-based. Help us to inspire many more people to change to a plant-based way of life. Why? There are five good reasons:

  • animals
  • health
  • fairness
  • environment
  • enjoyment